Once the initial project with COL Media Marketing concludes, our support for your spiritual business doesn’t just stop. Our commitment goes beyond immediate results; we aim for your lasting success. That’s why we have an extensive post-sale support and training system in place, designed to empower you and your business in the digital world long after our active collaboration ends.

Our after-sale support is built around the concept of self-sustainability. We don’t want you to become perpetually dependent on us for your digital needs. Instead, we aim to equip you with the knowledge and skills necessary to navigate and manage your digital presence with confidence.

As part of our after-sale support, we offer comprehensive online video training modules. These videos are crafted to simplify complex digital concepts, strategies, and tasks. Whether it’s understanding audience analytics, managing your social media platforms, or creating engaging content, our videos guide you through it step by step.

Accompanying our video training modules are our insightful eBooks. These eBooks serve as your reference guides, detailed with strategies and insights we’ve implemented during our project, customized to your business. Each eBook is tailored to a specific domain – from Brand Design & Strategy to Social Media Management and everything in between.

Moreover, these eBooks aren’t just a recollection of what we did; they’re also rich with practical exercises, tips, checklists, and case studies from similar businesses. By following these exercises and tips, you can continue to implement successful strategies on your own.

Our training isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach. We understand that every spiritual coach or energy healer has unique requirements and comfort levels with digital tools. Our training modules cater to these unique needs, ensuring that no matter where you stand on the digital proficiency scale, there’s something valuable for you in our training.

COL Media Marketing’s after-sale support and training is your self-sustaining toolkit. It’s designed to empower you, to give you the confidence and knowledge to run your digital business successfully and independently. Because at COL Media Marketing, we don’t just build your digital presence, we ensure it thrives in the long run.

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