Embrace Harmony with Your Web Guide

Spirit Concierge Service

Personal Guidance in Building & Nurturing your WordPress site & Business Platform. 

Looking to Attract More Clients
to your Spiritual Venture?


What if you had a soulful connection with your very own grounded “web guide?” A trusted companion who understands your spiritual journey and is always there to assist with your website needs?

As we walk the path of having a website, we encounter ongoing tasks and challenges. It’s all part of the journey, a sacred dance with technology. Backups, plugin updates, security measures, and performance enhancements demand our attention. It can be overwhelming, and often, these essential tasks get neglected, leading to vulnerabilities and a fragmented website.

While many choose the solo route, handling it all themselves, it’s easy to lose track amidst the complexities. Plugins go outdated, performance improvements remain elusive, and sites may fall victim to the shadows of cyber threats.

Let me offer you a different approach – a spiritual concierge service for your WordPress sanctuary. A sacred space where you’re no longer lost in a labyrinth of impersonal support. With a personal touch, I’m here to guide you, aligning your website with your spiritual values. No more worrying about disparate plugins or a site held together haphazardly. We’ll co-create a harmonious digital realm, where every element plays in divine harmony.

It’s time to transcend the usual WordPress support experience and embark on a journey of soulful web nurturing. Together, we’ll weave a tapestry of sacred technology, supporting your spiritual mission with grace and authenticity.

Welcome to a new way of navigating the digital landscape – your spiritual web sanctuary awaits.

As a Spirit Concierge client, I will be personally responsible for maintaining and managing your website. Consider me your dedicated webmaster, always ready to address your needs and promptly respond to your requests. Moreover, even when you don’t ask, I’ll be diligently working behind the scenes, ensuring that everything is up-to-date, optimized, and backed up for seamless operation.

Yet, my services extend beyond mere reactivity. Alongside your specific requirements, I’ll proactively fine-tune your website, making subtle adjustments to enhance its performance and reliability. With a focus on professional excellence, I’ll keep your digital platform running smoothly and securely, so you can concentrate on your core business.

However, there’s an additional layer of value that sets my service apart…

A Holistic Solution for All Your Needs

As a Spirit Concierge client, my main objective is to save you from the hassle and frustration of researching, purchasing, and installing different plugins while ensuring their smooth integration. Your website’s efficiency and seamless functioning are my top priorities.

As your web concierge, your website becomes my responsibility. I won’t take over your work, but I’ll handle the technical headaches – dealing with WordPress, web hosting, updates, and more. Whenever you need a hand or advice, count on me to be there, ensuring a smoother online journey.

List Building

Embrace the power emails as you unlock the potential of highly targeted lead magnets, thoughtfully placed through opt-ins and landing pages, resonating perfectly across your sacred blog. Nurture and grow your soul-aligned email list – and witness the magic at play. Let your business flow effortlessly in the cosmic currents of abundance.

Membership Site

Experience the power of a customized membership site that perfectly suits your needs, complete with videos, and a document library. This flexible system allows you to safeguard your content. Create your ideal platform effortlessly and efficiently.

Automated Marketing

Through our tools, you will be able to create an automated email marketing program. Send soulful messages to your supporters.

Online Courses

Embrace the journey of creating and sharing your soul-inspired online courses. Our platform empowers you to offer courses with various payment options from one-time payments or recurring fees. Unleash your wisdom with full-featured online courses tailored to your spiritual vision.

Conversion Pathways & Subscriptions

In today’s digital landscape, having a website capable of accepting payments is essential. With our services, you’ll gain the power to design optimized sales pages, customer journey pathways with order enhancements, and the flexibility to implement your preferred pricing strategies to align with your unique business goals.

Let’s Get Started

Are you ready for a meaningful transformation to your WordPress site? Let’s team up and create something extraordinary together!

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